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International Gay Rodeo Association
Contestant Registration System

New Contestants:

If you are trying to register for your first rodeo, you will not be able to use the online registration system until you have been assigned an IGRA number.

You may:
  1. Fill out this form (this is an interactive PDF document so you can fill out the items on your computer without printing the form)
  2. Save the form and email it to the IGRA Treasurer who will asign you your permanent IGRA number or
  3. Attend the Friday evening contestant registration at your first rodeo at which time you will be given an IGRA number to use in the future.

Make sure you bring your association membership ID. You must be a member of an IGRA recognized association to compete.

Returning Contestants

Anyone experiencing registration issues today should be advised to document their registration problem and email a complete description to so the necessary information for the rodeo organizers reaches our hands in a timely fashion and so we can document the contestant's entry effort prior to the deadline and avoid charging late fees resulting from this incident.

Note, this is not a blanket waiver of late fees for late registrations, but an accommodation for this circumstance only for those attempting to make timely registration but who cannot due to our technical failure.

Can't remember your contestant number? Use our contestant number lookup page

Paper Entry Form (PDF)
See registration address page for where to send paper entry forms

To change your address contact the Treasurer

Online Registration Login

IGRA Number

Last 4 of PIN / SIN / SSN

Please be aware that registration closes at 10:00 pm Mountain Time.

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